Bed Bugs Series Part 5: Bed Bugs University Dorm

Bed Bugs University Dorm Rooms, is it a real concern?

Your child is away at college so you don’t have to worry about him bringing bed bugs home, right?


The truth is, bed bugs in university dorm rooms continue to exist at epidemic levels.  Bed bugs university dorm news stories are recently taking the media by storm.

Here are a few stories that appeared on the newsstands in only the past few months:


Princeton University battles bed bugs in two dorm rooms

Bed bugs in Baylor dorm room force evacuation of 2 students

Report: Bed bugs force students from UM dorm

Bed bugs reported in Penn State dorm

3 Bed Bugs Enough To Close 4 Schools On Denver’s West Campus

The good news is, most universities and colleges are taking the bed bugs university dorm issue seriously.  Many provide information to their student residents in the ongoing battle to control bed bug infestations.  More than likely, your son or daughter’s college has already provided them with information to help students living on campus stay bed bug free.

Now the holidays are here.  You are the proud parent of a college student and you excited to see your child/children during the holiday break.  Simply follow these easy tips to make sure you welcome your college student home and enjoy the family time together, instead of worrying about bed bugs.

Bed Bugs University Dorm Tips for Students

  • Follow our bed bug tips for travelers and keep bed bugs from hitching a ride from the university dorm to your parents’ home.
  • Using bed bug mattress covers is an effective way to keep bed bugs out of your mattress.
  • Secondhand furniture is very common in dorm rooms.  It’s an affordable way for a parents of a cash-strapped college student to furnish their dorm room.  Be wary, though, and inspect all secondhand furniture thoroughly before allowing it inside.  And be informed that upholstered furniture, such as sofas, beds, etc. provide a lot more hiding places for bed bugs.  So, if you’re going to splurge on a piece of furniture from a retail store, we suggest you consider splurging on the upholstered furniture, and leave the garage sale finds to things like wood and metal furnishings.
  • Report bed bug findings immediately.  If your school has a policy in place, follow the school’s procedure.  If not, be sure to contact your RA to let them know you found a bed bug.  The sooner you tell someone, the better your chances are of quickly getting them under control.
  • Do NOT spray chemicals to kill bed bugs in your dorm room!  Besides presenting a health and safety hazard, you may be interfering with the schools’ existing pest control program.  Even though may be trying to help the situation, you may actually make the bed bug situation worse.

Bed Bugs University Dorm Tips for Parents

  • Many college students take the opportunity to bring laundry home with them for holiday break.  If your student is planning on enlisting your laundry services, ask them to place their dirty laundry in a plastic garbage bag and seal it tight.  When they arrive at home, the dirty laundry bag should remain sealed closed until the clothing is laundered.  Place all the laundered clothing into a dryer at the hottest temperature setting for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Clothing that cannot go into the wash or dryer should be thoroughly inspected.
  • Inspect all bags with a flashlight as soon as they are brought into the house.  In addition to luggage, this also includes backpacks and laptop bags.  Make sure there are no bed bugs or signs of bed bugs in any of them.
  • Inspect all electronics using a flashlight to ensure there are no bed bugs hiding in them.
  • Once holiday break is over, and your son/daughter is headed back to school, strip the bed and check the mattress carefully for bed bugs or any signs of bed bug activity.

Do you think your child brought home bed bugs from the university dorm?

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