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Our commitment to your safety is of greatest importance.  As an Association Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), Titanium Laboratories, Inc. follows strict standards in our Indoor Air Quality Consulting services for your building or home.

The indoor air quality of your building or home may be affected by countless factors including building materials, chemicals, pest infestations, mold and mildew growth, along with many other variables, which can cause indoor pollutants.  When ventilation is inadequate, indoor temperatures are too high, and/or humidity levels are elevated, indoor pollutants can increase in concentration, presenting a potentially unhealthy indoor air environment to its occupants.

Every indoor air quality project will begin with a thorough consultation to fully understand any possible contributing factors to your indoor air environment, followed by a full site inspection.  Indoor air quality testing is then contingent upon our findings through the consultation and inspection process.  All of these factors are considered in indoor air quality consulting to determine the overall indoor air quality of your building or home.

Our Indoor Air Quality Consulting can help you by sampling the indoor air quality of your building or home for the following indoor pollutants:

All samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory for reliable test results in accordance with all statewide guidelines.  Contact Titanium Laboratories, Inc. today if you need a responsible solution for your indoor air quality concerns.

Indoor Air Quality Consulting Services by Titanium Laboratories

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is commonly found in many different building materials that when disturbed during damage, maintenance/repair, or remodeling, can release particles throughout the indoor air environment.  Asbestos exposure increases the risk of lung cancer to the building occupants.  In addition to testing for asbestos in your indoor air environment, Titanium Laboratories, Inc. can also provide surface sampling to confirm the presence of asbestos in suspected building materials.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide (CO) presents a serious hazard to the indoor air environment due to its lack of odor and color, and its highly toxic nature.  Lower levels of carbon monoxide exposure can lead to mild health effects similar to flu-like symptoms and as a result are commonly overlooked when evaluating an indoor air environment.  In cases where carbon monoxide exposure is suspected, immediate action is critical.  Because you cannot see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide fumes, exposure can be lethal prior to detection.  Titanium Laboratories can test the indoor air environment to determine the presence and levels of carbon monoxide fumes.

Indoor Allergens Testing

What do dog dander, cat dander, cockroaches, and dust mites possibly have in common?  Each are considered to be “indoor allergy triggers”.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending upon the individual.  Titanium Laboratories, Inc. offers a comprehensive test for indoor allergens to determine and quantify the presence of allergens caused by pet dander, cockroaches, or dust mites.

Mold Testing (Certified Mold Inspections)

As part of our Certified Mold Inspections, Titanium Laboratories, Inc. can test for mold in your building or home through a variety of methods to best suit your needs.  Visit our page about Certified Mold Inspections to find out which test for mold is right for your situation.

Volatile Organic Compounds Testing

A Volatile Organic Compounds scan is extremely useful when there are unpleasant odors in a building, or the occupants are complaining of symptoms such as headaches and/or nausea.  Volatile Organic Compounds can occur as emitted gasses from various building materials such as wood, floor coverings, and adhesives, as well as decomposing mold-infested building materials.

Titanium Laboratories, Inc. can test your building or home for volatile organic compounds “VOCs” using the TO-15 method to scan your indoor air environment for 62 volatile organic compounds.  TO-15, a highly sophisticated canister technology, provides the opportunity to view parts per trillion for specific volatile organic compounds.  This method may provide the best answers to your indoor air quality primary evaluation.


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