Indoor Environmental Cleanup

Particular indoor events can create the need for conscientious, responsible cleanup to prevent further contamination of indoor building materials as well as protect the indoor air quality of your building or home.  These events may be the result of floods, sewerage backup, severe pest infestations, and/or evicted tenants.  Titanium Laboratories, Inc. can help by cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing indoor surfaces to help restore the indoor area to a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Flood Cleanup / Water Damage Restoration

Following a flood, cleanup of the water damaged materials presents a challenge to safeguard the indoor air environment of your building or home from microorganisms including bacteria and mold.  Depending upon the individual, indoor air of a building that flooded may trigger allergic reactions such as asthma.

Flood cleanup service by Titanium Laboratories’ trained professionals is a safe and responsible process, with a focus on protecting your indoor air environment from contamination.   Our water damage restoration of your building or home may include, depending on your situation:

  • Drying Building Materials such as walls, floors, ceilings
  • Remove Water Damaged Materials and Content
  • Reduction of Excess Humidity and Moisture
  • Disinfect and Sanitize Salvaged Materials and Content

Sewer Backup Cleanup

In certain cases involving a flood, waste water, i.e. “sewage” may enter your building or home.  This can happen as a result of municipal sewage, such as overflow from municipal sewage systems.  Sewage backup can also occur through drains and toilets within buildings and homes.   Sewage contains a range of pathogens and disease-forming bacteria, intestinal parasites, viruses, and fungus.  Occupants of the building with weakened immune systems, children, and the elderly, are at highest risk of potential illness from sewage exposure.

Titanium Laboratories’ trained professionals will act fast and responsibly to cleanup your building or home following a sewer backup.

Pest Infestation Cleanup

Your indoor air quality may be compromised by a prior or present pest infestation.  For example, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a direct result of airborne toxins produced by certain rodent droppings and urine.  Cockroaches carry a variety of diseases, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS) reports a significant correlation between cockroaches and more severe asthma symptoms in persons with cockroach allergen sensitivities.

Protection of the indoor air environment from hazardous contamination is essential for a pest infestation cleanup.  Following a successful pest control treatment plan, Titanium Laboratories trained technicians can also clean and sanitize your building or home, taking steps to prevent the pest debris from releasing throughout your indoor air environment.

Tenant Debris Cleanup and Removal

Unfortunately, building managers and owners are often surprised to find a rental unit filled with tenant debris.  Tenants who horde excessive junk and debris are a contributing factor towards mold & mildew growth, pest infestations, and deteriorating building materials.   Titanium Laboratories can help you with eviction clean-outs, debris removal, disinfection, and odor removal.


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