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99.9% Success Commercial Rodent Control Program

With a 99.9% success rate, Titanium Laboratories, Inc. offers an outstanding and customizable Commercial Rodent Control Program.  Within 30 days of initial commercial rodent control treatment, our clients notice a drastic decrease in rodent infestations.  And, by 90 days following initial commercial rodent control treatment, typically even before 90 days, the elimination process is complete.  How do we maintain such a high success rate of commercial rodent control?  Titanium Laboratories uses advanced techniques to literally sever the rodent lifecycle.  Our highly experienced pest control professionals are skilled in rodent identification, rodent management, rodent pest control, rodent exclusion, and rodent elimination.  Through the use of sophisticated technology and traditional rodenticides, we successfully remove rodents from your commercial facility and help prevent rodents from ever entering your building in the first place.

About Rodent Infestations

It is a rare employee, customer, or tenant who values rodents.  For the average person, the pestering rat or mouse are nothing more than a horrible nuisance that needs swift removal.  Rodents are almost always found in our outdoor environment, and consequently find their way into commercial locations on any occasion.  Usually, most rodent infesations are due to a loss of food source, and as a result, rats and mice are forced to seek new food sources.  Unfortunately, one of these sources may become your commercial facility. Among all the species of rodents in the United States, the house mouse, Mus domesticus, and the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus have been proven to be the two of the most common and the most destructive.

  • “House Mouse” (Mus domesticus)
    • ears in large proportion to the body
    • pointed snout
    • weight: appx. 3/4 to 1 oz.
    • adult size: 6-7 inches in length (tip of nose to end of tail)
    • color: silky dust grey or brown-gray fur
  • “Norway Rat” (Rattus norvegicus)
    • ears in small proportion to the body
    • blunt snout
    • weight: appx. 10-18 oz.
    • adult size: 12-18 inches in length (tip of nose to end of tail)
    • color:  red-brown or gray-brown fur

The Effects of Rodent Infestations

…and why Commercial Rodent Control is required by your local health inspector!

Aside from causing billions of dollars in damages every year, rodents are carriers of human disease.  Rodents have always been acknowledged as important host animals to many diseases and plagues.  External parasites such as fleas and ticks are regularly carried by rats and mice.  The external parasites can be cause to many dreadful diseases such as Plague, Typhus, Leptospirous, Rat Bite Fever, Rabies, and the Hantavirus.  However, disease is not the only health hazard rodents reap; it is a known fact that the pests’ droppings are a major allergen, especially for children who suffer from asthma.

Mice and Rats Cause Massive Property Damage to your Building

Rodents also pollute our food supplies with harmful germs and bacteria.  Notwithstanding the potential for disease, rodents are also remarkably destructive.  These omnivorous pests will eat practically anything.  Throughout the rodent’s lifetime, their front teeth continue to grow.  To wear down these ever growing teeth, mice and rats continuously gnaw on any nearby object or material.  Their continuous gnawing causes severe damage throughout your entire commercial facility.  Rodents will also search for soft nesting materials and will gnaw at stored items, including furniture and insulation.

Control The Rodent Infestation with Commercial Rodent Control

Mice can fit through a crack or hole as small as 1/4″, roughly the width of a pencil.  Mice breed throughout the year.  Producing as many as 4 litters per year, each litter containing from 4 to 6 pups, the presence of “one tiny little mouse” can multiply to 24 mice in a years’ time.  Mathematically speaking, if there are 10 mice in your building today, within a year that number can potentially increase to 240 mice.  240 can turn into 5760 mice.  And so on…This is the reason why it is important to eliminate any rodent problems at the instant they appear.

Titanium Laboratories, The Commercial Rodent Control Experts

Our Commercial Rodent Control Program typically follows the below procedure for our commercial clients:

  • Titanium Laboratories, Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection fo the indoor and outdoor perimeters of your commercial facility or building.
  • We use premium pesticides to treat any visible holes.
  • Rodent bait stations are assembled and placed around the outdoor environment.
  • Rodent traps, such as Tincats and Victor Mouse Snap Traps are then installed in secluded locations throughout the inside space.
  • Final, successful inspection is conducted to ensure that your commercial facility is rodent-free.

We are qualified to remove all species of rodents including House Mice, Norway Rats, and Roof Rats (also known as black rats / ship rats).

Whether you need commercial rodent control to remove different types of rodents, Titanium Laboratories is your best choice for successful commercial rodent control.  With programs tailored to target mouse pest control, mice control, and rat control, you are in good hands with Titanium Laboratories.  Read our customer testimonials to find out why Titanium consistently achieves the highest reviews and ratings possible.


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