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Titanium Laboratories, Inc. believes that effective, responsible pest management should be less dependent on chemical pesticides and more dependent on sanitation, exclusion, trapping and monitoring, and most importantly, baiting. This is Titanium Laboratories’ by laws of an environmentally safe way to manage your pest concerns for long term results. This method of pest management is officially known as Integrated Pest Management, “IPM”.

What is IPM?

Titanium Laboratories does not rely mainly on repeated, residual pesticide usage to create a barrier against pest invaders. This approach has two flaws:

  1. Insects and rodents develop a resistance to pesticides, especially when used at repetitive and low doses.
  2. The use of pesticides will not always be accepted, but repelled from areas of treatment. Instead, we take an active approach, the best approach, known as “IPM”, an acronym for Integrated Pest Management.


We know what and where to look: inspections, baits, lures and adhesives are placed in strategic areas to monitor pest entry.


Each pest has its own unique life cycle, feeding, and nesting habits. Knowing your pest is the most important part of the first stage.


We alter the environment to make it uninviting by isolation of food, elimination of harborage, altering temperatures, changing lighting, also housekeeping and storage practices. Titanium’s technicians will make regular sanitation recommendations to you.


Ensuring all entry points are well sealed , cracks and crevices corked, and infested shipments are isolated.


Applying products to areas conducive to pest activity, and areas to active pest infestations.

This is our practical approach to maintaining an optimum pest control environment with less exposure to chemical pesticides.

Is IPM the right pest management solution for you?

Many commercial clients prefer to implement ipm management for their pest management needs, particularly those in contact with foods.  By choosing IPM pest management, you are assured of pest control methods that are environmentally conscious, protecting your overall costs and more importantly, safeguarding people, your place of business, and the environment.  Contact Titanium Laboratories today to find out if IPM management is the right solution for your pest management needs.

IPM Pest Management and Public Safety

Some commercial clients are responsible for the health of individuals, such as nursing homes and hospitals.  Many of our health industry clients choose Integrated Pest Management, or “IPM” for their own pest management needs, responsibly minimizing exposure of pesticides to the occupants of their buildings.  If you are responsible for protecting the health of others, IPM Pest Management may be the right method of pest management for your facility.  Contact Titanium Laboratories today for a free consultation with a pest management professional to find out more.


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