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Residential Bird Control

Your home is your sanctuary, not a bird sanctuary.  Birds or pigeons roosting on your ledges, rooftop, awnings, or other places on your home can be a real nuisance.  Aside from the mess that they create, bird droppings carry a host of diseases.  The mere presence of nesting birds can create damage to your property.  Effective bird control through Titanium Laboratories’ Pigeon Removal and Bird Removal Services is humane, efficient, and cost-effective.

Residential Bird Control may be needed if you have birds or pigeons nesting and / or roosting on various spots around the exterior of your home such as:

  • Air Conditioning Window Units
  • Awnings / Entryways
  • Eaves
  • Ledges
  • Rooftops
  • Window Sills
  • …among any other area providing an ideal spot for birds to roost

Humane Bird Removal Services

Titanium Laboratories maintains a great respect for wildlife and our earth’s natural ecosystem.  Our bird control methods are safe, responsible, and humane.  None of our bird removal methods harm birds.  Yet we offer highly effective pigeon removal and bird removal services.  Our method of bird control simply creates an uninviting space for the roosting birds.  As a result, birds naturally move elsewhere and find somewhere less invasive to roost and nest.  Titanium Laboratories will begin our bird removal process by providing a visual inspection of the area.  We identify several factors that are considered in your bird removal service plan.  Your bird control solution will depend on these factors and may include any combination of the below methods to effectively achieve successful bird removal.

Residential Bird Control: bird Spike | bird control | pigeon removal | bird removal services

Bird Spike

Bird Spike Bird Control

Bird spike is an ideal solution to dissuade repeated offending birds.  Bird spike is guaranteed effective in deterring pigeons, seagulls, starlings, & other pest birds.   Nearly invisible, bird spike will maintain your home’s aesthetic value.  Titanium Laboratories installs the highest quality bird spike that carries a 10 year guarantee against rust and deterioration, even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  Bird Spike is an approved bird removal method by all animal rights groups, as it does not harm birds.  Contact Titanium Laboratories today to find out if bird spike is the right bird removal service for your home.

Bird Repellent Gel for Bird Control

Another highly effective method of bird removal is the application of bird repellent gel.  Armed with a 2 year guarantee, the application of bird repellent gel is a sticky substance that prevents birds from landing on surfaces.  Less toxic than plain table salt, it will not burn on contact. Titanium Laboratories uses the industry-leading bird repellent gel which yields great durability.  It will not drip or melt even in extreme high temperatures.  Effective in pigeon removal and all types of bird removal, an application of bird repellent gel may be the right solution for you.  Contact Titanium Laboratories to speak with a bird control expert, and find out if bird repellent gel is the right bird removal service for your home.

For larger-scale projects, such as apartment buildings, visit our Commercial Bird Removal page for more suitable bird removal service solutions.


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Residential Bird Control | Residential Pigeon Removal | Residential Bird Removal Services

Commercial Bird Control | Commercial Pigeon Removal | Commercial Bird Removal Services