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Stink Bug Banner Titanium Laboratories | kill stink bugs | stink bug pest controlIf you own a home in New Jersey or New York, congratulations!  You live in what is commonly referred to as, “Stink Bug Ground Zero!”  Accidentally transported to Allentown, PA shortly before September 1998, the stink bug has continued to grow and spread throughout the United States, hitting certain areas such as New York and New Jersey particularly hard.  Luckily, Titanium Laboratories Pest Control Professionals can help you kill stink bugs.  With a 100% Guarantee on all of our services, and great customer testimonials, you can be sure that choosing Titanium Laboratories to address your stink bug problem is the right decision.

What Does a Stink Bug Look Like?

As may be seen in the above illustration, the “brown marmorated stink bug” (BMSB) is shaped like a shield.  At approximately 17mm in length at adulthood, the stink bug is brown in color.

What is the Stink Bug Lifecycle?

You will begin to see the adults around late springtime, and they mate and lay their eggs from April / May through August of each year.

What is the Best Way to Kill Stink Bugs?

If you happen to find a stink bug in your home, it would be best not to crush it.  The reason for their name, “Stink Bug”, is because when you crush the bug it will release a very unpleasant odor.  If you happen to capture a stink bug it is recommended to release it outside, or if you must kill the stink bug, then immediately dispose of it outdoors or flush it down the toilet, trying your best to not crush the stink bug.

How to Prevent Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are clever little pests, and when the temperatures begin to drop they seek shelter by entering your home through small cracks and crevices.  The absolute best way to prevent stink bugs from entering your home, as well as other pests, is through regular maintenance.  This means, regularly checking for and sealing any holes  or cracks, for example around moldings, windows, and wiring.  Keep your screens in good repair, and always make sure doors and windows close properly, not leaving any gaps.

Professional Stink Bug Control

Titanium Laboratories, Inc. is equipped to not only kill stink bugs, but help you prevent stink bugs from coming back into your home.  Contact Titanium Laboratories today and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and an estimate.


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