Prevention of Future Moisture and Mold Infestations


  • Monitor humidity levels, keeping the relative humidity below 65%, running a dehumidifier if necessary. Hygrometers can be purchased at a local hardware store.
  • Encourage active airflow throughout the building. Open windows, clean and or add roof top ventilation.
  • Utilize bathroom and kitchen fans. Make sure they vent to the outside, not simply the attic.
  • Ventilate dryer exhaust outside.
  • Maintain air gap between furniture and exterior walls.
  • Clean and dry windows often, especially single pane, aluminum frame style.
  • Periodically check plumbing fixtures for signs of water leaks.
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures all living quarters, including basement. As temperatures drop the potential for localized condensation increases.
  • Insulate basement walls, piping and in older homes, the exterior walls.


  • Prevent sprinklers from hitting your home.
  • Clean gutters regularly and check downspouts from proper draining.
  • Clean and inspect roof regularly.


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