Bed Bug Preparation Checklist

Bed Bug Preparation Checkmark

Bed Bug Preparation Check List

Preparation for your upcoming bed bug treatment by Titanium Laboratories will assure the most effective bed bug treatment for your home or building.  Your Titanium Laboratories Pest Control Professional may instruct you to follow the below “Bed Bug Preparation Checklist” prior to your bed bug treatment plan.  If so, please follow the instructions below prior to your bed bug service visit.

The following steps below are necessary and are the responsibility of the home resident, owner and/or tenant.

The service tech will need proper access to the following areas:

  1. Beds: Clutter must be removed from the surrounding bed area and all bedding must be removed from mattress and box spring. (Do not remove bedbug covers if you already have them).
  2. Dressers and Night Stands: Remove and empty the contents of all draws from dressers and night stands and any furniture with draws. It is best to put the draw contents in plastic bags or plastic containers at this time.
  3. Closets: For best treatment results all contents in closets should be removed. If this is not possible at the time of the first treatment then un-clutter the closet areas. This pertains to closets in bedrooms, living rooms, foyers and basement areas that do not contain food. You will be required to empty closets on the follow-up treatment scheduled.
  4. Occupants:  All  occupants  and  domestic  pets  must  be  prepared  to  vacate  the  treated  property  for
    approximately 6-7 hours  following treatment in order to allow product to dry, dust to settle, and odors to

What to do after treatments:

  1. All  occupants  and  domestic  pets  must  vacate  treated  property  for  approximately  6-7  hours  following treatment.
  2. You do not have to wash your clean clothing again. Your clean clothing can be put in the dryer for 20 minutes to kill off any bedbugs that may be in the clothing.
  3. Wash your bedding weekly.
  4. Wash curtains bi weekly.
  5. Vacuum rugs daily. If your vacuum uses a bag the bag must be thrown out after use. Discard the bag to an outside garbage can not in your home.

Bed Bug Preparation Stop! Sign

Do not use any other product to kill bedbugs that are seen after treatment. It is normal to see bed bugs within the first two weeks following your bed bug treatment. Using any other product or household product will void the treatments done and will lengthen the time to resolve the problem. If you see a bed bug, use your vacuum to suck it up or use a tissue and flush it down the toilet.

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