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Bug Bombs – Are they safe and do they work?

bug bomb house explosion

Bug Bombs are a tempting solution for DIY pest control. It’s a common misconception that you just set them off and leave the premises. When used incorrectly, they pose serious hazards and potential fire risks. And even then, they still

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Pest Control Nutley NJ

Pest Control Nutley NJ

Titanium Laboratories, Inc., a Nutley NJ local pest control provider – serving the Nutley community with pride since 2001. We are fully licensed, insured, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our BBB rating is A+ and we consistently receive 5-star

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Mold and Pest Control: Income Property Episode 801


Mold and pest control …. and rat-chewed electrical wires. Oh my! As I watched the unfortunate events unfold, feeling just awful for the featured couple on HGTV’s episode of Income Property, I couldn’t help being reminded of how mold and

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Bed Bugs Series Part 5: Bed Bugs University Dorm

Bed Bugs University Dorm

Bed Bugs University Dorm Rooms, is it a real concern? Your child is away at college so you don’t have to worry about him bringing bed bugs home, right? Wrong! The truth is, bed bugs in university dorm rooms continue

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Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs?


Does freezing kill bed bugs?  Maybe not. Some pest control operators use freezing to kill bed bugs on contact, but recent studies show that this method may not be as reliable as many previously hoped. In just the past few

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Bed Bug Series Part 2: Shopping Mall

bed bug mall

Do you think these young ladies are worried about picking up a bed bug on their shopping spree?  Probably not. The fact is, most of us don’t give a second thought to the the possibility of bringing home a bed

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Explore with the Exterminator

Explore with the Exterminator

Join us on Facebook to play “Explore with the Exterminator”, a fun game for our Facebook friends.  As the exterminator travels around New Jersey and New York, he will drop hints on our Facebook page for you to join in

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Why does it take several treatments to kill cockroaches?

How do you kill cockroaches?

Yesterday an out-of-state friend contacted us for an opinion on how to kill cockroaches that are invading their home.  They normally hire a professional extermination company to provide quarterly preventative treatments to their clean and well-maintained home.  During the quarterly

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Stink Bug Season 2013

stink bug

The brown marmorated stink bug is harmless but can be a true nuisance for home and building owners.  Before we enter summer season, read below for some tips to keep stink bug activity to a minimum. How to Control the

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Pest Control NYC Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Pest control NYC and the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  Read more to find out how Superstorm Sandy created long-term challenges for pest control NYC exterminators. Pest Control NYC News Following Superstorm Sandy News articles started appearing shortly after Superstorm Sandy

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