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Mold and Pest Control: Income Property Episode 801


Mold and pest control …. and rat-chewed electrical wires. Oh my! As I watched the unfortunate events unfold, feeling just awful for the featured couple on HGTV’s episode of Income Property, I couldn’t help being reminded of how mold and

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Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs?


Does freezing kill bed bugs?  Maybe not. Some pest control operators use freezing to kill bed bugs on contact, but recent studies show that this method may not be as reliable as many previously hoped. In just the past few

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Stink Bug Season 2013

stink bug

The brown marmorated stink bug is harmless but can be a true nuisance for home and building owners.  Before we enter summer season, read below for some tips to keep stink bug activity to a minimum. How to Control the

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Bed Bugs Pictures

We receive many requests for bed bugs pictures, and since you asked, we’re posting them. Bed Bugs Pictures with Detailed Information Understanding what bed bugs look like will help you determine if you have bed bugs.  All of our bed

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and PESTS…and MOLD!

        Did you know? Such an innocent rhyme could be misleading in so many ways. Spring is here, and the month of rain has just ceased, so what exactly are we left with? This ageless rhyme wants

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