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Steve Spinelli
President of Titanium Laboratories, Inc.

At fifteen years old, Steve Spinelli took on a summer job for three consecutive summers, weekends, and holiday breaks, with his science teacher rebuilding his home from the foundation to the roof, where Steve learned the basics of general construction including roofing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, and landscaping. Steve says he was fortunate to learn from a very knowledgeable and patient man who was also astute in the sciences. This experience played a large part in Steve’s decision to pursue the electrical field and he then entered into trade school.

During Steve’s third year, he worked part time for a local pest control company while attending school where he continued to work for several years. His part time job led to a position for one of the pest control firm’s chemical distributors for six years. It was there that Steve discovered all about the various chemical industry products, the main concerns for many local operators and their magic potions and tricks of the trade. At the same time, he continued working as a pest control technician part-time to help make ends meet. A larger chemical distributor offered Steve a position with their firm who catered to national pest control companies which led him to the opportunity to work for a leading pest control company side by side with a board certified Entomologist who now oversees the vector control for the State of California, and a leading hygienist who develops sanitation protocols for large national food processing plants. Steve was captivated by the sanitation protocols relating to food safety, mold, fungi, sampling, temperature control, and monitoring and once again struck gold by working with a leading expert who shared his passion for his field. At the same time, he furthered his studies in psychometrics, the study of air and its qualities, ventilation, and air conditioning, focusing his regimen on air quality within the building envelope.

By 2001 Steve started Titanium Laboratories, beginning by solely providing pest control service. Almost immediately while inspecting buildings for pests, which often situates a pest control technician in the domain of damp and dark spaces, he consistently discovered and consulted with our clients to deal with excess moisture and lack of air flow, leading to mold testing, VOC testing, and naturally mold removal. Steve immediately entered into another educational program and became nationally certified in mold inspection and mold remediation, and a member of the IAQA. Steve says, “It’s not a glamorous job, but I love it. Every day I interact with different people in different locations, and a new problem to solve. I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.”

-Steve Spinelli


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